Category: Web

Custom Stair Tread Designer

As a PHP/Wordpress developer with Kwikturn Media, I developed numerous plugins to add custom functionality to the WooCommerce eCommerce platform.

This Custom Stair Tread Designer application displays dynamically generated ranges of options for each dimension as well as wood finishes and edge styles based on product specific settings that are pre-set in the WordPress admin dashboard. The end customer then selects each values for each custom attribute. As each option is changed, the displayed price and list price are updated based on the selected options and scale diagrams showing the top and side views are updated via jQuery. When the customer clicks the add to cart button, the selected option values are passed to PHP which adds the custom product to WooCommerce cart with price and weight calculated based on the custom options.

CTECU Credit Union

As an employee of a credit union technology provider, I created this web site design for CTECU Credit Union in Houston, TX.

I designed the graphics and layout for this site based on client specifications. Following client approval, I also hand coded the HTML/CSS and javascript inside the company’s proprietary content management system called Sitebuilder.

Although my code is table-less, Sitebuilder use a table-based layout framework.

The Outer Limits Studios

Coded HTML/CSS for a series of search engine landing pages for the Outer Limits Studios focusing on the company’s various services and regional markets. These pages are primarily designed using table-less CSS layout.

The project consisted of 12 pages, they included: Orlando, Stuart, Sales Tracking, Customer Relationship Management, Content Management Systems, E-Marketing, Programming, E-Commerce, Media Duplication, E-Learning.